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Bareroots Initiative

  Every time you purchase our Bareroots Revive Box 
YOU help support our greener vision by planting trees!🌲

Our mission

At Wabanaki Maple, we believe that growing and creating a healthier environment begins at the roots! We have a responsibility to take care of Mother Earth, to promote and help grow a healthy and sustainable environment. We want to ensure that our culture, communities and Mother Earth will thrive for the next seven generations. 

Giving back to our community and our environment is a foundational and fundamental part of who we are. Our strong connection, respect and cultural responsibility to take care of our environment is of utmost importance to us.

Our Partnerships

We’ve curated our unique gift boxes with other Indigenous businesses and created partnerships with non-profit organizations in OneTreePlantedCommunity Forests International and Nashwaak Watershed Association to assist our efforts in securing designated and protected land. Planting a wide diversity of trees will help to ensure lost forests may be revived and restored for future generations.  

What does the Bareroots Initiative represent?

The Bareroots Initiative is geared toward participating and helping to support reforestation efforts throughout the Wabanaki Woodlands. The name Wabanaki represents the 5 First Nations communities in the Eastern woodlands, the Wabanaki Confederacy includes Wolastoqiyik, Mi’kmaq, Passamaquoddy, Penobscot, and Abenaki. We are committed to help replenish, revitalize and strengthen our forests through community partnerships and collaborations with Indigenous businesses across Turtle Island. 

How does the Bareroots Initiative work? 

  • Proceeds from each of our curated Bareroots Revive Gift Box are used to purchase and secure tree saplings for future planting. Every customer who purchases our gift box is making a meaningful contribution that helps us replenish and grow one tree at a time!
  • Our tree-planting projects and events will include a hands on approach, as we connect and engage with our youth and communities. Providing on the land learning experience and connecting to our environment. Participating community members, Elders and Indigenous instructors will share significant and important teachings of local plants, trees and traditional medicines. 

      Wabanaki Maple Certificate for planting 500 trees from OneTreePlanted


      In partnership with OneTreePlanted, the Bareroots Initiative secured and pledged 500 trees which were planted in Chignecto Forest, New Brunswick. 
      This year our Bareroots Initiative has secured and pledged an additional 1000 trees to be planted in our Wabanaki Woodlands of New Brunswick. 


      In partnership with Community Forests International, and Nashwaak Watershed Association we're excited and proud to share that this Spring 2022, we have successfully completed our FIRST tree planting event! 🌳
      We'd like to send special thanks to everyone who made this event possible! From our customers, to collaborations, our partnerships with Community Forest International and Nashwaak Watershed Association, our Traditional Knowledge Keepers and all of our youth who came out to help revitalize our natural woodlands! We've replenished the forest along the Nashwaak River (Marys Flat) with Silver Maple Trees, native species to the land along the riverside. 
      To date, after this amazing turn out  with our Bareroots initiative along with our partnership with One Tree Planted it has allowed us to plant a total of 2000 trees across our Wabanaki Woodlands here in New Brunswick.




      At Wabanaki Maple, we’re passionate about ensuring that our environment and the Indigenous culture are revitalized and will thrive for the next seven generations!

      If you want to help replenish and revitalize our beautiful Mother Earth and our traditional territories check out any of our partnerships pages or the purchase of a Bareroots Revive Box helps support our greener vision and the continuity of our Bareroots Initiative!🌳❤️